Not transparent enough – Letters

Not transparent enough – Letters – Letter to the Editor

Anatolie Frils

SIR: I am confused by your cover and contents of the August issue which is supposed to be devoted to transparency. That big cone is made of stainless steel as the article states: what has this to do with transparency? The laboratory block by Sauerbruch Hutton at Biberach is clad in glass panes so deeply coloured that they must often seem translucent at best to people inside the building looking out. Ando’s museum in Fort Worth has such heavy and stolid glass mullion detailing that it can scarcely be called transparent. In fact the issue was hardly about transparency–it turned out to be concerned with show-off uses of glass. Where was a thoughtful analysis of the nature of modern transparent materials (many are available besides glass), and where were ideas about how to develop new materials in the future?

Yours etc


Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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