Arbitrage Genius Scam

Online trading may be thrilling and dangerous. One unsuspecting victim’s experience with Arbitrage Genius – retention agent Gabriel A. Villa was a nightmare. This article will explain how Gabriel used his trust to steal 1.45 bitcoin, worth over 40,000 euros, from “L.R.”

The Deceptive Arbitrage Genius Scam

Gabriel A. Villa, who is also known by his stage name, works at Arbitrage Genius as a retention agent. Building relationships with customers and seeing to it that they were happy were both part of his job responsibilities. On the other hand, Gabriel took advantage of his position by abusing the 12-word recovery phrase that was entrusted to him in order to access L.R.’s atomic wallet. This gave him the ability to transfer 1.45 bitcoin from the wallet that belonged to L.R., which was associated with the Bitcoin address: 377XPVW4MefBouJSEu9DrLxd5xqQArK7v8.

The False Belief in Anonymity

Bitcoin transactions were incorrectly thought to be anonymous by Gabriel and Arbitrage Genius. This supposition, however, ultimately proved to be their undoing. An investigation of the blockchain is currently being done to follow the path of the stolen money and all of its connected addresses. The objective of this investigation is to learn the truth and prosecute the offenders.

The Incriminating WhatsApp Chat

The scam was revealed in a series of WhatsApp exchanges between Gabriel A. Villa and L.R. Gabriel emphasized his own commission as the driving force behind his assurance to L.R. that all the money would be returned. But, as time went on, L.R. learned that the promised payments were not being recovered, which resulted in rising frustration and anxiety.

False promises and evasive tactics

Gabriel repeatedly pledged to find a solution and restore the money that was taken. Gabriel, however, offered explanations and delays when L.R. asked for phone calls or direct communication with the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) division. L.R. was upset when it became apparent that Gabriel was purposefully avoiding accountability and delaying the procedure.

The Quest for Justice

L.R. persevered in their search for justice, putting forth the demands for clarification and answers. Because of the victim’s persistence, Gabriel’s acts were investigated, which revealed his deceptive practices. It is important to highlight that Gabriel & Arbitrage Genius’s activities were not indicative of all forex brokers, as there are respectable brokers who do business ethically and put their clients’ needs first.

Lessons Learned

This bad event shows how important it is to do your research before choosing a forex broker. Before giving a broker their money, traders must do a lot of research to make sure they can be trusted. It is very important to pick brokers that are regulated, honest, and have good reviews from other users. To protect your investments even more, you need to keep track of your personal recovery phrases and private keys.


Everyone who trades should learn from the story of Gabriel A. Villa, the retention agent at Arbitrage Genius who was known to be a scam. L.R.’s loss of more than 40,000 euros shows how dangerous online trading can be and how important it is to be careful. Before working with forex brokers, traders should be careful, do a lot of research, and get advice from people they trust. Remember that trust should never be given without any conditions. It should be earned through honesty, openness, and following the rules.

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Arbitrage Genius Scam

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