Comptroller officer assignments section

Comptroller officer assignments section

Michael Monson

As we’re sure it has been for our entire FM team, the last three months have been quite busy. We’ve held the CY04 Comptroller Squadron Commander’s board, the first-ever FM Development Team meeting, and also the CY04 FM Special Selection Board for our education and career broadening candidates. In between all that, we’ve also waded in hot and heavy working the assignment process for Summer Cycle 04 movers (dartboard please–just kidding).

Keeping in line with the CSAFs vision for Total Force Development and SAF/FMs Strategic Vision, we continue to focus assignments and education on the deliberate, synchronized, and personalized development of our officers to gain the correct mix of depth and breadth. As each of you works through your Officer Development Plan keep those things in mind. Just remember that it’s a plan not a promise. The plan is impacted by needs of the Air Force, duty performance, and timing.

We had a very successful Squadron Commander Board process this year. The process to be selected as a Squadron Commander is very competitive and is broken down into the following steps:

* Officers must be nominated by their Senior Raters to meet the Board

* The Board reviews and scores records, selecting a 2:1 ratio of Sq/CC candidates per vacancies

* MAJCOM/FMs work with Wing/CCs to match appropriate officers to bases

With that said some congratulations are in order for the following CY04 Comptroller Commander selects:

With that said some congratulations are in

order for the following CY04 Comptroller

Commander selects:


Peeler, David L Jr Data Masked Data Masked

Toris, Randolph Beale 9 CPTS

Ford, Glenn F Cannon 27 CPTS

Lesinski, Cynthia A D-Monthan 355 CPTS

Baltes, Richard L Dyess 7 CPTS

OConnell, Brian M Ellsworth 28 CPTS

Kleinschmidt, Jennifer M Langley 1 CPTS

Sherman, David J S-Johnson 4 CPTS

Gunn, Bruce F Shaw 20 CPTS

Thorpe,Bryce E Whiteman 509 CPTS

Wasdin, Christine Altus 97 CPTF

Coggin, Jeffrey H Goodfellow 17 CPTF

Fogg, Richard W Keesler 81 CPTS

Fiquett,Charles E Lackland 37 CPTS

Greiner, Michael A Laughlin 47 CPTF

Minkin, Steven J Little Rock 314 CPTS

Meredith, Kent I Luke 56 CPTS

Grable, Samuel D Randolph 12 CPTS

Gurner, Robert B Sheppard 82 CPTS

Dejesus, Christopher J Buckley 460 CPTF

Shimel, Brian D Peterson 21 CPTS

Bell, James Vandenberg 30 CPTS

Graham, Keith A Andrews 89 CPTS

Shea, Charles B Charleston 437 CPTS

Speight, Calvin B Dover 436 CPTS

Maldonado, Angel M McConnell 22 CPTF

Sheesley, Daniel R Pope 43 CPTS

Ensminger, Mary L Travis 60 CPTS

Rathmann, Kolin D Scott HQ AMC

Andrasz, Steven N Eielson 354 CPTS

Galloway, John D Sr Elmendorf 3 CPTS

Carter, Paul L III Kadena 18 CPTS

White, Robert T Kunsan 8 CPTF

Dozier, Norman A Lakenheath 48 CPTS

Bell, Jeffrey S Incirlik 39 CPTF

Defenbach, Philip S San Antonio DFAS-SA

We’d also like to extend our congratulations to

the following developmental education and special

program selects from the Comptroller field:

Senior Developmental Education (SDE) Selects

Berk, Rodney K Lt Col AWC

Brown, Mark Anthony Lt Col NWC

Chesley, Julie A Lt Col ICAF

Ducharme, John A Jr Lt Col ICAF

Hutchinson, Ottis L Jr Lt Col AWC

Pulliam, James R Lt Col ICAF

Pulliam, Mary M Lt Col ICAF

Shaw, Michael R Lt Col AWC

Speight, Joel S Lt Col ICAF

Senior Developmental Education (SDE) Alternates

Howard, Randall B Lt Col SDE Alternate

Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Selects

Clocksin, Donald T Maj ACSC

Dunster, Timothy E Maj ACSC

Govan, George V Maj ACSC

Hernandez, Anthony R Maj ACSC

Monson, Michael G Maj ACSC

Rice, Larry G Jr Maj NPS

Smith, Jeffrey S Maj ACSC

Windey, Patrick J Maj AFIT

Intermediate Developmental Education (IDE) Alternates:

Dahlstrom, Michael P Maj IDE Alternate

Graham, Lasheeco B Maj IDE Alternate

LaHaye, Dwayne A Maj IDE Alternate

Paik, Seung U Maj IDE Alternate

Peeler, David L Jr Maj IDE Alternate

Ruter, Philip E II Maj IDE Alternate

Sheppard, Theresa L Maj IDE Alternate

Tombe, George W IV Maj IDE Alternate

Watkins, Tracey L Maj IDE Alternate

Whitfill, Nancy C Maj IDE Alternate

Basic Developmental Education (BDE) Selects

PhD Program–Economics, Civilian Institution

Name Rank Base

Hurst, Deron L Maj Ramstein

Unger, Eric J Maj Los Angeles

AFIT Cost Graduate Degree–Wright-Patterson AFB OH

Name Rank Base

Armstrong, Patrick D Capt Spangdahlem

Davis, Judy B Capt Eglin

Ellis, Marc D 1Lt Sheppard

Forsythe, Matthew W 1Lt Randolph

Orca, Jenny C 2Lt Edwards

Smirnoff, James P Capt Wright-Patterson

NPS MBA Degree–Monterey CA

Name Rank Base

Buchanan, Steven M 1Lt Pope

Cohn, James M 1Lt Charleston

Hunter, William H Capt Andersen

Jimenez, Jorge I Capt Glons, Belgium

Krott, James E 1Lt Dover

Lind, Andrew W Capt Hanscom

Logsdon, Travis D 1Lt Laughlin

Marshall, Edward E Capt Langley

Nicholas, Joseph E 1Lt Ramstein

Oberg, James E 1Lt Kunsan

Ohare, Scott M Capt Davis-Monthan

Paleo, Robert H Capt Wright-Patterson

Education With Industry

Name Rank Base

Cunningham, Jamie L 1Lt Scott

Edwards, Shay L 1Lt Little Rock

Comptroller Operational Logistics Tour (COLT)

Name Rank Base

Goulet, Victoria W 1Lt Keesler

Paquet, Michelle L 2Lt Kirtland

Acquisition Intelligence Experience Exchange Tour (AIEET)

Name Rank Base

Williams, Jason E. 1Lt Whiteman

Again congratulations to each of these officers. As always, if you ever have any questions about the assignment system, developmental (broadening) opportunities, or general career advice, please don’t hesitate to send an email (michael. or call us at DSN 665-2304

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