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Don’t let your job kill you.

Don’t let your job kill you. – book reviews

This new book includes a full reprint of the 1972 edition of Wallick’s “The American Worker. An Endangered Species,” plus a new section on worker success stories and worker tactics.

The forward by Dr. Eula Bingham, former director of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, notes that although the references in the main text are more than 15 years old, the main thrust of the book remains pertinent today.

Wallick, editor of the Auto Workers’ UAW Washington Report for more than two decades, improved on his original work by adding a 50-page section that provides a number of success stories from the workplace and describes tactics that have proved effective.

Also included are listings of state and local centers for occupational safety and health, the locations of worker health clinics, and a bibliography of books and films dealing with occupational safety and health issues.


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