ETI Opens Access to ‘I/M Overview’

ETI Opens Access to ‘I/M Overview’

Nash, Tom

The Equipment and Tool Institute (ETI) is allowing unrestricted access to its annual “Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Overview” on its website (, making the comprehensive document available for the first time to any interested party free of charge, regardless of ETI membership.

“We are significantly expanding this effort and have restructured the report to give as much detail in as concise a format as possible,” stated Charlie Gorman, executive manager of ETI.

The “I/M Overview” is a comprehensive listing of all automotive inspection and maintenance programs in the U.S. and Canada. It details everything from the programs EPA designation and start date to test types, frequency, fees and volume. ETI has also added the “OBD II Generic Communication Protocols by Manufacturer” and “OBD CAN Equipped Vehicles” listings at the end of the report.

“Our intent is to provide a service not only to our members, but also to state and federal regulators and the industry as a whole,” said Brian Irish, marketing manager of ETI. “I have personally searched every state’s website and government document I could find on the subject. There isn’t a more complete, up-to-date and detailed report available.”

ETI’s “I/M Overview” will be a dynamic electronic document that will reflect changes as reported. In addition, ETI will be conducting semiannual updates. There will also be a change log that will track changes as they’re added. The “I/M Overview” will be available free of charge on ETI’s website until Jan. 1, 2005. After that, ETI members will still have free access; however, nonmembers may be charged an annual access fee to help defray the cost of the updates.

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