Brake systems suppliers 2002

Brake systems suppliers 2002 – State of the Industry 2002



2002 2000

Parts Jobber 36.4% 41.3%

Auto Parts Retailer 20.6 18.4

Warehouse Distributor 19.1 20.3

Car/Truck Dealer 5.5 8.2

Import Parts 4.2 6.0


Direct From 2.4 1.4


Salvage/Used Parts 1.5 1.2

Mass Merchandiser 0.7 1.0

Wagon (Mobile) Jobber 0.7 0.7

Direct From Rebuilder 0.4 0.9

Note: Table made from pie chart


2002 2000

Disc Brake Pad Replacements 23.3 17.8

Disc Brake Rotor Replaced/Machined 20.6 15.8

Drum Brake Shoe Replacement 14.2 12.2

Brake Drums Replaced/Machined 12.8 10.9

Brake Fluid Flushes Performed 8.8 NA

Wheel Cylinder Replacements 7.2 6.3

Disc Brake Caliper Replacements 6.9 5.6

Brake Hose Replacements 5.4 4.4

Master Cylinder Replacements 3.2 2.6

Power Brake Unit Replacements 1.6 1.3

Note: Table made from bar graph


Another TAP member reporting increased sales is Jerry Holcom, owner of S&S Service Center, Kansas City, MO, whose brake system work has been growing. Brakes, by the way, are the leading repair and service jobs throughout the U.S. “Our sales are up compared to last year,” he notes. “During the fourth quarter of 2001 we took a beating, but since then our business is starting to look great, and it’s all good jobs. We’ve had a record January.” Jerry says local economic conditions for his area are looking better.

“Everyone around here feels sales are going up.”

Most of the brake jobs performed by S&S are either up or the same:

Disc brake pad replacement – About the same

Disc brake rotor replacement – Up

Drum brake shoe replacement – About the same

Brake drums replaced – About the same

Wheel cylinder replacement – Up (“When I do a brake job, I replace the wheel cylinders”)

Disc brake calipers – About the same

Brake hose replacement – Up (“We’re seeing more damaged hoses”)

“We buy the majority of our parts through our local jobber. We almost never buy from any of the retail chains.”

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