French Auto Parts Manufacturers Moving Into Brazil – Brief Article

French Auto Parts Manufacturers Moving Into Brazil – Brief Article – Statistical Data Included

French auto part companies are moving strongly in Brazil following the cars assembling companies Renault and PSA Peugeot Citroen, that set up local plants. According to the Brazilian auto pats industry association Sindipecas, French companies account for 6.6 percent of the local production, Spanish companies for 5.4 percent, Italian 5 percent, UK 2.7 percent, Germany 23.4 percent U.S. 31.8 percent and other nationalities for 20.1 percent.

Faurecia, the French auto interior and exhaust maker, followed Renault into Brazil, and now is competing with Tenneco and Arvin Meritor for the Brazilian exhaust parts market. The company set up three plants and is supplying PSA Peugeot, and GM. Sommer Alibert, majority owned by Faurecia, has invested $53 million in two plants in Brazil, one of tem in partnership with Siemens Corp..

Valeo operates 11 auto parts plants in Brazil and it said will add another plant to supply a local Ford plant. Plastic Omnium has also set up a in S o Paulo state to supply PSA in Rio de Janeiro.

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