Donnelly, Andrea To Jointly Develop In-Vehicle Communication System

Donnelly, Andrea To Jointly Develop In-Vehicle Communication System – Brief Article

Andrea Electronics Corporation and Donnelly Corporation said they will work together to develop Andrea Electronics’ farfield audio input microphone technologies for Donnelly’s line of automotive rear view mirror systems. The joint project will provide automobile manufacturers with highly advanced microphone technologies that will dramatically advance in-vehicle speech communication systems, the companies stated. The goal is to produce clear and accurate voice communication necessary in a noisy mobile environment.

As part of the agreement, the two companies will pursue co-marketing activities for the joint promotion of co-developed products, they said.

“This is a tremendously important development in a market in which telematics are beginning to play such a vital role,” said Dwane Baumgardner, Donnelly Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “Imagine hands-free voice communication in a vehicle in which all the background noise is removed and the person talking is as clear and easy to hear as on a land-line telephone call. In a very real sense, that is smart sound, and it’s enabled by Andrea Electronics’ advanced technology. We are very excited to be working with Andrea to help move the technology into new automotive communications products.”

“We are excited to announce this agreement with one of the industry’s most respected and proven automotive component suppliers,” said Christopher P. Sauvigne, President and Chief Operating Officer of Andrea Electronics Corporation. “We believe the real estate of the rear view mirror is a natural location for embedding a voice input solution. We look forward to working closely with Donnelly to integrate and optimize our far-field microphone technologies for their mirror products, a task which will serve to significantly increase our exposure in the automotive marketplace and, ultimately, allow both companies to create products together which address the rapidly growing demand for in-vehicle speech communications solutions.”

Andrea Electronics said its digital audio input software technologies significantly reduce ambient background noise and enhances voice signals for the optimum use of voice-activated communications applications such as with telematics systems, in-car speaker phones and global positioning systems (GPS), among others. Donnelly said it already packages the electronics for those types of applications in its rearview mirrors.

The company said the interior rearview mirror of a vehicle is an ideal place to house the microphone technology because of its forward-looking position within the vehicle. Donnelly said it produced well over 20 million units in 1999 alone.

Andrea Electronics Corporation produces audio technologies and equipment for enhancing applications that require high performance and high quality voice input.

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