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Wirewound resistors – New Products

Wirewound resistors – New Products – Brief Article

SEI Electronics Inc. has introduced its SM Series of wirewound resistors. Designed to provide power supply, automotive design and component engineers with true surface mount (SMD) high-power resistors rated at 1W to 3W. This series is engineered to deliver resistance values from 0.01 ohms to 3K ohms in tolerances from .1 to 5 percent and a standard temperature coefficient of resistance (TOR) of [+ or -]100 ppm/[degrees]C to [+ or -]20 ppm/[degrees]C. Applications for the SM Series devices include power supply, automotive, computer, telecom and consumer products. The devices feature high-temperature molded encapsulation and all welded construction with tinned copper terminals to provide flex termination for absorbing thermal expansion. The SM Series is available in inductive and non-inductive styles. SEI Electronics Inc., (919) 850-9500,

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