It’s All Greek to Me!

It’s All Greek to Me!

It’s All Greek To Me!

John Mole

Nicholas Brealey Publishing

3704 Beard Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55422

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It’s All Greek To Me! is the memoir of an Englishman who came to call Greece, and has lived there for thirty years. He and his family shared a dream of daily life in Greek paradise, and at the urging of a persuasive local, they purchased a little place on the hillside with no water, no electricity, no roof, no floor, no doors, and no windows. From this they created a place to call home in timeless rural Greece, and learned to share the culture and daily life of the local villagers that were their neighbors. A heartwarming story of realizing one’s dream and sharing it together, as well as just enjoying the ups and downs of daily life in a peaceful land.

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