Teach Yourself Drums

Teach Yourself Drums

Teach Yourself Drums

Seth Goldberg

East Coast Books, Inc.

PO Box 13142, Hauppauge, NY 11788

No ISBN $14.95

Having received a Bachelor of Arts degree in music from New Paltz State College and currently working on a Masters Degree at Queens College, Seth Goldberg is an experienced musician who plays and teaches in the New York City area who draws upon his personal expertise to create a “self taught” instruction manual for aspiring drummers. After introducing the reader to drums, rhythm, rests and values (including buying the drum set), Goldberg goes on to focus upon cymbals, drum sticks, setting up the drum set, holding the drum stick, and drum notation. This is followed by chapters dedicated to exercises for Quarter Notes, Eighth Notes, Sixteenth Notes, and combination exercises. Teach Yourself Drums also addresses Dotted Notes, Triplets, and incorporating the feet. There is a Rock Section, a Swing Section, and a informative concluding commentary, “Where do we go from here?”. Teach Yourself Drums is thoroughly “user friendly” and a welcome addition to personal and music school instructional resources for anyone seeking to learn the basics of drumming. Also highly recommended is Seth Goldberg’s My First Snare Drum (0825856574, $6.95, Carl Fischer, LLC)

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