Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and Love Addiction

Sex and Love Addiction

Jay Parker

Issues Press

c/o Idyll Arbor (dist.)

PO Box 720, Ravensdale, WA 98051

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Sex and Love Addiction: My Journey from Shame to Grace is the true story of one man’s recovery from exhibitionism, fueled by sex and love addiction. Now a licensed addictions counselor and one of the first specializing in Internet addiction and related sex and love addiction issues, his story spares no graphic detail in how addiction seized control of his life, and his long, slow struggle to reclaim himself and his purpose. A testimony of the forces both within and without needed to make the journey to recovery, Sex and Love Addiction is a profound yet ultimately hopeful personal memoir and highly recommended reading, especially for those who are having to deal with sexual addiction issues within their own lives and families.

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