How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

How to Get Out of Debt

Harrine Freeman

Adept Publishers

PO Box 60851, Washington DC 200039

1933949430 $19.95

Credit repair counselor Harrine Freeman applies her expertise to the written page in How to Get Out of Debt, a no-nonsense self-help guide to becoming debt free and repairing one’s credit. From getting back on track after declaring bankruptcy, to protecting oneself against identity theft (which can cause terrible financial and credit rating damage!), to creating a reasonable spending plan, to simple step-by-step actions to improve one’s credit rating and keep good credit, How to Get Out of Debt is a solid resource filled cover to cover with practical, “must-know” advice. A supplementary list of consumer protection agencies, sample monthly budget worksheets, and a list of credit report fees state by state round out this invaluable guide, enhanced by the personal testimony of the author’s own experience of foolishly sinking into debt when he was younger, and learning the hard way how to dig himself out of debt and structure his financial life with solid discipline. Highly recommended.

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