J. R. McCarthy

Serious Ink Press

9780979698507, $8.00

Married, a highschool teacher, and living in the Bronx, J. R. McCarthy’s has a distinctive flair, rhythm, cadence, and voice. A 45-page chapbook, “Ambivalid or ‘Staggering Towards Virtue’ and Back In The Holy Bronx” is a slender little compendium of his best verse and a thoroughly entertaining, occasionally quite thoughtful and thought-provoking. This is one chapbook that can be wholeheartedly and unreservedly recommended to the attention of all poetry enthusiasts and connoisseurs. ‘Haiku Invoked Against Self-Importance’: A nun who was once/my teacher cornered me at/Sterling Optical,//She wanted to know/what I had made of my gifts./I told her, Sorry,//Sister, Love to bring/you up to speed, but I must/go to Olympus//and round up my wife/as per my arrangement with/her heartsick mother.//Then, of course, it’s back/to Hades, and terrible/judgment of the dead.//A little white lie:/I’m really resuming my throne/Among the blind men.

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