Rhonda—the Woman in Me

Roger Herman

Rhonda–The Woman in Me

Rhonda D. Hoyman

Pearce Publishers

PO Box 4923, Timonium, MD 21094

ISBN 1883122147 $TBA 308 pages

Deep, page-turning, insightful book

This is not at all the kind of book that I would pick up at a bookstore. I review business books, primarily, though I do read and review other genres from time to time. The book was given to me by the author when I spoke at a professional conference which she attended. I opened the cover on the plane on the way home … and couldn’t put it down.

This is a fascinating story of the conversion of a transsexual from a male body (Ron) to a female body (Rhonda). Since childhood, Ron had felt like he was a female trapped in a male body. This concept is difficult to understand and accept, but you’ll understand much more as you read the exceptionally well-written account of this person’s life. You’ll learn so much about Rhonda that you will feel like you know her like an old friend by the time you reluctantly close the back cover.

Reading this book opened my eyes, my mind, and my heart to a part of society that was totally foreign to me. The story was presented in a way that is not at all offensive, but offers a thorough explanation of Rhonda’s life and her multi-faceted transformation. You’ll experience the turmoil, the change process, and the joy Rhonda went through over a period of years. Because of the way she wrote her life story, this is much, much more than just a sex change story. It’s a human story, filled with all the challenges, engagements, activities, and dedications of a professional faced with major decisions. You may relate personally to some of the aspects of Rhonda’s life, enabling you to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation.

Rhonda’s story, while an inspirational model for transsexuals, is also a motivational insight for all of us. As you move through the pages, you will be captivated with the writing style that draws you in as you learn what a friend experienced. It’s a life story that may move you to make changes–though not as drastic–in your life to achieve your dreams.

In my work as a management consultant focused on workforce issues, I found this book to be an eye-opening exposure to an aspect of diversity that had been outside my field of knowledge. I encourage you to read it to gain this appreciation for yourself.

COPYRIGHT 2005 Midwest Book Review

COPYRIGHT 2005 Gale Group

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