Get Out of Your Own Way!

Carey Yazeed

Get Out of Your Own Way!

Jovita Jenkins

Ajides Publishing

5875 Doverwood Drive, Suite 211, Culver City, CA 90230

ISBN 0974988715 $15.00 108 pages

Are you searching for just the right book that will help you to jump start a new career or makeover your current one? Well, this maybe the book for you. Get Out of Your Own Way! is a new motivational book by executive coach, Jovita Jenkins. Unlike other self-help books, I found this one to be realistic and easy to follow. This thought provoking book encourages the reader to think differently about their life, goals and dreams. Jenkins challenges the reader to think outside of the box, while offering creative strategies along with some age old wisdom that will not only help the reader to reorient their thinking but to reinvent themselves in the work place. I think this book is also a great resource for high school seniors and college students who are in the mist of discovering their purpose in life.

A former engineer and executive in a Fortune 500 aerospace company, Jovita Jenkins, MBA is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder/president of Ajides International, Inc. She lives between Culver City, CA and New Orleans, LA with her husband.

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