Chesterton and Evil

Chesterton and Evil

Able Greenspan

Chesterton And Evil

Mark Knight

Fordham University Press

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Chesterton And Evil by Mark Knight (Lecturer in the School of English and Modern Languages at the Roehampton University of Surrey, England) provides contemporary readers with an informed and informative analysis of the writings of poet, journalist, critic, biographer, novelist, aphorist, Gilbert Keith Chesterton with an especial focus upon Chesterton’s attitudes with the problem of evil in contemporary society. Drawing upon Chesterton’s fiction, essays, criticism, and poetry, Professor Knight argues persuasively that a serious and analytical approach to the nature of evil was the central focus on Chesterton’s work within the background context of such then contemporary issues of socialism, capitalism, and other popular ideologies of the day. Chesterton And Evil is a seminal work of impeccable scholarship and will prove to be of intrinsic interest to not only academia, but also to non-specialist general readers with an appreciation of the writings of G. K. Chesterton.

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