A Moment’s Indiscretion [A Classic Reprint-2004]

A Moment’s Indiscretion [A Classic Reprint-2004]

Arlene Germain

A Moment’s Indiscretion [A Classic Reprint-2004]

Peggy J. Herring

Bella Books


ISBN: 1931513597 $12.95 150 pp.

Jackie Knovac, an attractive late-thirties advertising executive, has finally decided that she has endured the last of the unfaithful and irrational lovers who have populated her love life of late. She has assiduously erected the necessary emotional barriers with the hope that all interested women will look elsewhere. All proceeds as planned until the beautiful twenty-four year-old Valerie Dennison strides into her office. The electricity between them is undeniable, yet Jackie is hesitant to succumb to the charms of her new assistant. Meanwhile, Jackie’s best friend, Carla, is also involved in an older-younger woman affair, but she is thoroughly enjoying herself, and try as she may, she cannot convince Jackie to just let things happen naturally. Jackie’s life is further complicated by the re-appearance of an unstable and violent ex-lover who simply refuses to let go. Add to this a completely different and mysterious side of Valerie Dennison, a side which is known only to her closest friends, and you have a love story which will test the foundations of true love, convention, and commitment.

Peggy J. Herring is a seasoned author, having begun her writing with the now-defunct Naiad Press. This is a reprint of her 1998 romance classic. It bears the trademarks of a Herring novel: likable characters, witty dialogue, unusual situations, and a surprise twist or two. As the title states, A Moment’s Indiscretion, can affect changes in one’s life over which one has little or no control and whose consequences can bring to bear events that can appear both threatening and beneficial. The fine line between love and lust is explored as a result of this lapse in Jackie Knovac’s otherwise cool and dispassionate judgment. Decisions will be made that will alter Jackie’s belief in both herself and her carefully planned future.

The plot development is two-fold. Part One, entitled Jackie, tells the story in the first person narrative and would seem to establish the plotline that will carry the reader throughout the novel. However, Part Two, entitled Valerie, appears at an unexpected moment, and thus the plot veers off in another direction which is certain to both please and amaze the reader. It too is told in the first person; thus, the reader is given the opportunity to more fully understand these two main characters, their motivation for their actions, and their complex and evolving personalities.

Pacing and continuity carry the story along at a rapid pace. It is truly a book one can read in ninety minutes. This has a drawback as well, though. As with many Bella Books, the novel seems too brief at a mere 150 pages. One wishes the author had expanded the second half to more credibly conclude the narrative. The concluding two or three chapters seemed somewhat rushed and not as fully developed as the rest of the story deserved them to be. A heretofore excellent story idea was diminished by an unfortunately hasty finale. A sequel may not have been indicated or even desired, but the reader does come away with the feeling that certain key elements of the plot received short shrift. To be as believable as Part One, more concrete and specific detail should have been given to this second set of new characters and storyline.

Overall, A Moment’s Indiscretion is an enjoyable romantic read. However, if one were to compare Ms. Herring’s latest books, White Lace and Promises [July 2004] and Once More with Feeling [August 2004], one can see that at 226 and 212 pages respectively, there is more significant attention to detail and development. These better represent the author’s ability to spin a thoroughly memorable story. Consequently, do yourself a favor and read all three!

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