Waterfalls: slow shutter/fast shutter

Waterfalls: slow shutter/fast shutter

William F. Albern

Over the years I have found it most interesting to look at images of waterfalls. It seems that there are two schools of thought on how a still image of a waterfall should be photographed. Some photographers use a slow shutter. The resulting image replicates a flowing body of water. The opposite approach is a faster shutter speed to stop, or almost stop, the action of the flowing water. The waterfall frequently sparkles. This, of course, does not apply to video or motion picture photography both of which enjoy the advantage of depicting water flowing on the monitor or screen as one would normally view a waterfall.

Here are photos of the Ithaca Falls in Ithaca, NY at six different shutter speeds:

1/5 second

1/30 second

1/2 second

1/60 second

1/10 second

1/100 second


By William F. Albern–Ithaca, NY [All photos [c]William F. Albern]

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