ROPA: 2004 Recognition of Photographic Achievement

ROPA: 2004 Recognition of Photographic Achievement

Joseph J. Zaia

Recognition of Photographic Achievement (ROPA) honors are awarded to Photographic Society of America (PSA) members who excel to star levels and adhere to the ethical standards of the Society in PSA-recognized International Exhibitions.

Annually the Journal reports on this program, not only to update the latest enhancements but also to identify the latest honored members. The honors were established by the Executive Committee at the 1996 PSA Conference in Tucson and were implemented in February of 1997.

Two levels of Honors were established. The first level, PPSA (Proficiency), may be granted to members who have attained a five-star rating in a single category in any division or those who have accumulated a total of 10 or more stars in a combination of several divisions. The second level, EPSA (Excellence), may be granted to members who have attained additional achievement: Three levels beyond the fifth star in a single division or a five star in three separate divisions. Each level recognizes the recipient’s accomplishment and diversity in exhibition photography and entitles the member to add the initials PPSA or EPSA after his/her name. Each of the 2004 honorees will be presented with a certificate at the Minneapolis, MN, Conference if in attendance. Certificates are printed on parchment paper with the PSA embossed seal and are suitable for framing. Additionally, ROPA recipients are invited to exhibit a sample of their work on the Society’s website. If any members with PPSA or EPSA have not yet received an invitation and wish to participate in the website gallery, they may contact Carol, APSA, PPSA, and David, APSA, EPSA, Meisenheimer at: 14426 Summer Glen Grove, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 or by email

The PPSA and EPSA are noted after the member’s name in the PSA Membership Directory and follow any APSA, FPSA, Hon. PSA, or Hon. FPSA honors. Individuals are entitled to use the recognition letters as long as they remain members. Photographers who allow their PSA membership to lapse cannot continue to use the initials of PPSA or EPSA as only current members are eligible to do so. If a member’s status becomes lapsed, he/she will be required to reestablish membership in good standing; it may also be necessary to reapply for either honor.

As of closing date for applications (June 30), 274 members have been honored from 23 different countries. Of these 95 are EPSA, and 179 are PPSA. This year, new recipients of ROPA letters will receive their certificates at the opening membership meeting on Wednesday, September 8, at the conference in Minneapolis.

PPSA Proficiency

Following are the newest

PPSA–Proficiency recipients:

Wolfgang Behrndt, PPSA, Germany

Charles Burke, PPSA, USA

Peter J. Clark, PPSA, England

Dennis Corbin, PPSA, USA

Liz Couvreur, PPSA, Belgium

Cliff Cross, PPSA, USA

John M. Davis, Jr., PPSA, USA

Daniel Debrael, PPSA, Belgium

Sidney B. Goldstein, FPSA, PPSA, USA

Karr-Heinz Hansen, PPSA, Germany

Leon J. Hojnacki, PPSA, USA

Leslie R. Hollingworth, FPSA, PPSA, England

Stanley Jacobsen, APSA, PPSA, USA

Lewis G. Joslyn, PPSA, USA

Klaus Kemper, PPSA, Germany

Dr. Elli Kraizberg, PPSA, Israel

Elvira Lavell, PPSA, USA

Dung-Leung Lin, PPSA, Hong Kong

Clyde F. Manzer, APSA, PPSA, USA

Philomena V. Martin, APSA, PPSA, USA

James E. Nelson, PPSA, USA

Lan Van Nguyen, PPSA, USA

Ilkka Niskanen, PPSA, Finland

Andre Sikosek, PPSA, Belgium

Richard Simmons, PPSA, USA

Francis Kin-Fan Siu, PPSA, Hong Kong

Sammy Somekh, PPSA, Israel

Sharp W. Todd, APSA, PPSA, USA

Dana Vannoy, PPSA, USA

Shirley Ward, APSA, PPSA, USA

Egon Weiss, PPSA, Germany

Richard A. Whitley, PPSA, USA

Members wishing to apply for ROPA Honors should contact Chairman Joseph J. Zaia, FPSA, PO Box 462, Flagler Beach, FL 32136-0462, (386) 439-6787 or Each applicant is required to submit 1) the completed application. Please print clearly and underline the family name; 2) proof of photographic achievement [a copy of the certificate(s) or letter(s) of approval]; 3) a copy of one’s current membership card; 4) a head and shoulder photo and 5) processing fee of $15.00 for PPSA, for members in the US and Canada, and $20.00 for members in other countries or $30.00 for EPSA, for members in the US and Canada, and $35.00 for members in other countries. Those who qualify for the EPSA may apply directly for that honor, without first applying for the PPSA. The best way to communicate is through e-mail, and applications should include e-mail address, if available. Applications are processed on an annual basis with a firm cut-off date of June 30. For any questions, contact Chairman Zaia at any time during the year.

EPSA Excellence

Luc Dequick, EPSA, Belgium

Norman Johnson, EPSA, USA

Raymond Le Berre, EPSA, France

Carol Meisenheimer, APSA, EPSA, USA

Alan Millward, FPSA, EPSA, England

Diane Racey, FPSA, EPSA, USA

Jozef Reynaert, EPSA, Belgium

James H. Turnbull, Hon. PSA, FPSA, EPSA, USA

Dre Van Mensel, EPSA, Belgium

Congratulations to all the new ROPA honorees !

PSA Services & Activities

The Services and Activities listing is published once each quarter in the PSA Journal–in the January, April, July, and October issues. It indicates whom to contact about the multitude of PSA services and activities and how to contact them. It is a terrific resource for:

* General Information Contacts

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For a description of the services and activities available for each division of PSA, please contact the PSA Headquarters office for a Division Services and Activities Brochure at or (405) 843-1437. Also, visit for more information about PSA.

Joseph J. Zaia, FPSA, Chairman

Flagler Beach, FL

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