Landscape in Spain.

Landscape in Spain. – book reviews

George Christians

Landscape In Spain

I looked at these stunning photographs of Busselle’s and assumed that they were 4 x 5’s at least, perhaps 8 x 10’s, so great was the accuity. A blowing field of Spanish wheat in the province of Valladolid (page 91) lets one admire each stalk and sheaf. All the more surprised and pleased was I to discover they were 35mm Nikon products by a master landscapist. Spain, like most of California, is a golden and often baked-brown land. Difficult to render photographically. and all the more reason to be impressed with the master talent of Busselle.

The Light is all we have! Use it or misuse it, the reflection of light is the photographer’s paint box. The other factor, Composition, the arrangement and placement of items, is dependent on the light which provides the shapes the artist arranges on his canvas/film. Michael Busselle handles light and composition superbly. Spain, one strongly suspects, is not inherently a photogenic country. The photographer has pulled all that can be drawn from his subjects and gives us a striking view of the beauty of the Spanish landscape. Nature-landscape photographers can learn valuable lessons from this book that instructs by good example.

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