1993 PSA International Conference of Photography program listing

1993 PSA International Conference of Photography program listing – September 6-11, 1993 in Atlanta, Georgia

Susan Mosser

Our new format instituted at our 1992 Lake Tahoe, Nev. Conference was such a hit we are continuing with it in Atlanta, Ga. An all day (Saturday, Sept. 11) teaching seminar will be given by Dewitt Jones, professional photographer, lecturer, author, and contributing editor for Outdoor Photographer magazine. This seminar will be available to you, the attendee, at no additional cost. Again this year, in order to facilitate this seminar space wise, a full day of programming and meetings will start one day earlier on Wednesday, Sept. 8. For those of you who perhaps, don’t want to attend an all day seminar, Saturday will also be our day to show all the second showings of the PSA Division International Salons.

For those of you who couldn’t attend Tahoe in ’92 and thought you missed the NASA presentation, you’ve got a second chance. Richard Underwood, distinguished Aerospace lecturer, was unable to be with us for health reasons at Tahoe. He has agreed to come to Atlanta, and be our Friday night main program, with his spectacular program on 30 years in space. We will be viewing photos from all the missions to the moon. This is one you won’t want to miss.

We will also have a hands-on blacklight workshop by Jean M. Burke; a spectacular showcase presentation, which has received standing ovations all over New England by Michael Videtta, FPSA; the 1994 Colorado Spring Conference Invitational by Richard M. Frieders, FPSA; and a preview of the 1994 Turkish trip, for PSA Travel Adventures by Don Lyon of Close-up Expeditions.

The Video & Motion Picture Division has outdone itself this year with four great teaching programs designed to get you involved in video. This is quite a feat considering they only have eight members active in the division. Also, for the first time, there will be a presentation of the winning videos from a national competition. This will be like a salon showing and will be presented by William Ricks, APSA.

Our tours this year will take you to Callaway Gardens and Warm Springs on Monday; the Atlanta sights (Carter Museum, Historical Center and Gardens) on Tuesday. On Wednesday we’ll have a “women’s day” featuring the mansions of Georgia, lunch, and a drop off at a shopping mall. Also available will be our post convention tour to Charleston and the Coast Islands.

This year will be great for teaching programs, travelogs and showcases. Add to this the Chapter Showcase, Division Essay and Travelette Competitions, Division Dens, International Shows, Honors Banquet and a great Thursday fun night, and you’ll find a conference you don’t want to miss. Come to Atlanta, learn a little, take a few pictures, renew old friendships, make new friends, and have a truly international photo experience.

Listed below are our programs and presenters by division. Look for a full day by day schedule in the June PSA Journal along with information on all our presenters.

Monday, Sept. 6– All day tour.

Tuesday, Sept. 7– All day tour.

Wednesday, Sept. 8– All day tour.

Programs and meetings 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

7:30 p.m. Opening Ceremonies.

10 p.m.–Meet the officers.

Thursday, Sept. 9– Programs and meetings 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Fun night in the evening.

Friday, Sept. 10– Programs and meetings 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Blacklight workshop, Colorado Springs

Invitational, and NASA Space Showcase

Spectacular in the evening.

Saturday, Sept. 11– All day teaching seminar – Dewitt Jones

9 a.m.-5 p.m. Second showing of all

International shows. Honors Banquet

in the evening.

Program Descriptions

Color Slide Division

#1 “Special Effects”

Tim Koverman, Sarasota, Fla.

An all new program demonstrating optical image assembly,

set building, multiple exposures, optical fibers, neons,

moire patterns, and many other techniques that will help

you shoot pictures with impact. Pin registered in camera

image masking will be previewed for the first time. #2 “Close-up and Table Top Photography”

Helmut Mueller, APSA, Don Mills, Ont. Canada

The definition of close range photography, essentials of

technical quality, composition, and quality of light, with

the techniques and equipment needed to achieve them are

discussed. The main part of the lecture demonstrates with

a variety of slides, what goes into making a successful

image. #3 “Exposure Effects: A Zone System Approach to Color

Slide Photography”

Rick Sereque, Oxford, Conn.

How the color slide photographer can adapt some techniques

used in the Zone System to control exposure and

work within the contrast limitations of transparency film.

The first half explains the use of a modified Zone System,

with emphasis on the spot meter; while the second half

illustrates with slides these concepts with explanations of

how the particular exposure decisions were made.

Nature Division

#1 “Seven Months of Spring”

Fran Cox, APSA, San Jose, Calif.

A two part program follows the blooming progression

of California wildflowers across the state from sea level in

March, to the High Sierra, at 10,000 ft. where some plants

do not bloom until September. Follows with illustration of

equipment and techniques for photographing wildflowers

in the field. #2 “The Red Coats Are Coming”

Dr. Lloyd & Mary McCarthy, APSAs, Barrington, Ill.

A nature-logue to the Antarctic Peninsula, Sub-Antarctic

Islands, S. Georgia Island and the Falklands with their

unique wildlife, seascapes and landscapes. Emphasis is on

mans’impact and preserving this beautiful but fragile

ecological region. #3 “White Weather Photography”

Jacob Mosser III, FPSA, No. Reading, Mass.

A composite presentation on winter photography. Three

nature photo essays set to music open the program followed

by a sizeable instructional section on equipment

and locations. #4 “The Underwater World of George Szemes”

George Szemes M.D., Merced, Calif.

This program shares with the audience the beauty,

color, and the incredible variety of the underwater fauna

and flora, from the coral reef to high voltage diving in the

Pacific and Indian Ocean in shark infested waters.

Photojournalism Division

#1 “Bob A. Piste: The 1992 Winter Olmpics”

Robert, APSA & Ronald Leonard, Deale, Md.

Travel to Albertville, France for the 1992 Winter Olympics.

Attend alpine skiing, figure skating, bob sleighing,

curling and meet the athletes. Learn how to pin trade. A

composite program starts with narration on how slides

were made, followed by a two projector, dissolved showcase. #2 “Getting Started in PJ”

Lynn Troy Maniscalco, APSA, Wilmington, Del.

Aimed at photographers who do not participate in PJ

competition but who enjoy photographing life as it happens.

Includes slides that have been successful for the

presenter, explains how they differ from those accepted in

other divisions, gives pointers on how to capture better

images in PJ, with attention to equipment and technique. #3 “Sports Action Photography”

Keith Vaughan, Halifax, N.S. Canada

A presentation of the techniques for shooting sports

action by stop-action and panning for a wide variety of

sporting activities. Motorcycle, car racing, track and field,

rodeo, horse racing, winter sports, and surfing are just a

few of the sports covered; with the emphasis on capturing

the moment, and in combining the fun of the sport and the

fun of photography.

Photo-Travel Division

#1 “A Taste of Portugal”

Jean M. Burke, Framingham, Mass.

Portugal in April, with spring flowers at their peak.

Historic towns, farmlands, fishing villages and the coastline,

highlighted by the friendly people willing to be photographed

sitting in windows, planting potatoes, or fixing

the presenter’s flat tire. #2 “Minorities of China Along the Silk Route”

Marietta & George Koch, Friday Harbor, Wash.

Travel along the silk route beginning in Xian and

ending in Kashgar, highlighted by a Buddhist festival.

Fields, alpine meadows, mountains, cities buried in sand,

mosques, dances, and many faces were photographed for

this multi-media program using authentic ethnic music. #3 “Indonesia’s Islands”

Don Lyon, Oakland, Calif.

Discover the Spice Islands of Java, Borneo, Sulawesi

and Bali. See Java’s ancient temples, Borneo’s Dyak

tribes people, Sulawesi’s mountainous volcanos, and Bali’s

green terraced rice patties. Each island is like another

world. Come see our 1993 PSA Travel Adventure. #4 “The Rhythm of Africa”

Gene Morgan, Encino, Calif.

Travel through five African countries, plus the Arabic

Island of Lamu. See the reclusive Bush people, canoe the

swamp waters of Botswana, a night safari in Zambia, and

a spectacular wildebeest crossing in Kenya. A beautifully

scripted and narrated program that emphasizes the beauty

of the land, with use of carefully selected music.

Pictorial Print Division

#1 “Portraits, A Personal Approach”

Robert Gorrill, Squantum, Mass.

Demonstrates techniques on portraiture using lighting,

lenses, and darkroom procedures to achieve the effects

seeked. Illustrated with 16 x 20 prints. #2 “Prints, The Second Half of Photography”

Larry May, APSA, Pittsfield, Mass., & New Smyrna

Beach, Fla.

An easy way to make prints is described that also optimizes

the picture for a superior rate of acceptances in

competitions and International Salons. Illustrated with

both slides and 16 x 20 prints. #3 “Black & White Landscape Photography”

T. Y. Wu, Ann Arbor, Mich.

The basic techniques used in planning and making B/W

landscape photos. Equipment, film, composition, how

B/W film interprets color in various tones of B/W and the

effect of filters in altering tonal values and use of different

focal length lenses will be discussed. B/W prints of

famous U.S. landscapes will be shown.

Stereo Division

#1 “An Overview of 3-D Lenticular Photography”

Bruce Herstowski, Norcross, Ga.

This professional from Image Technology International,

Inc. will give us a teaching presentation on the

techniques and approaches to 3-D lenticular photography. #2 “China–My Fatherland”

Carol C.L. Lee, San Francisco, Calif.

A stereo tour to the country from where Lee’s father

came and an attempt to see it through the eyes of a native

countryman. #3 “Showcase: The Atlanta Stereographic Association”

Clark Brown & Larry Moor, Atlanta, Ga.

A two part presentation; the first part highlighting the

fine art photography of Clark Brown, who has received

much local recognition of his work, and the second part

showcasing the work of various members of the Atlanta

Stereographic Association. Larry Moor presently serves

as President of the Atlanta Stereographic Association.

Techniques Division

#1 “The Art of Stereo Photography”

Ron Fredrickson, Kenosha, Wis.

How to get started in stereo, and what stereo is. Methods

of stereo photography will be discussed and illustrated.

The ways in which stereo photography enables us to see

subjects in ways we could not otherwise perceive them:

pseudostereos, hypostereo, and hyperstereos. Also reviewed

will be stereo window effects. #2 “Slide Show Basics”

Richard M. Frieders, FPSA, Batavia, Ill.

A three projector live lecture explaining the various

types of equipment used for sound/slide presentations.

Screens, projectors, tape recorders, synchronizers, dissolve

controls and programmers with techniques using

one, two, or three projectors will be discussed and demonstrated,

as well as special effects items such as slide

mounts and masks. #3 “Maxi Prints From Mini Negatives”

Leonard Gordon, FPSA, Skokie, Ill.

The technical elements in making exhibition prints

from 35mm negatives (or smaller). Advantages of using

35mm format, types of film, exposure and development of

the film, and enlarging techniques will be discussed.

Many examples of prints will be shown. #4 “Color Keys & Other Film”

Ted Peterson, Portland, Ore.

Tricks you can do with litho film, color keys, infrared,

kalua and what you can do with exposed film as a negative.

Video & Motion Picture Division

#1 “Computer Graphics in Video Production”

Robert A. Hammond, Avondale, Pa.

Using the Commodore Amiga to generate graphics

(titles, maps, etc.) and incorporate them into video presentations.

Equipment, methods, and demonstration of results

on VHS tape. #2 “Editing Videos–Not a Difficult Task”

Christine Haycock, M.D., APSA, Newark, N.J.

Editing a video can be a simple task or a more complicated

one depending on the need of the user and the equipment

available. Explained will be various methods from

the simplest to more sophisticated using demonstration

videos and hopefully actual editing equipment. #3 “Video: The Media for all Reasons”

William F. Henderson, FPSA, St. Peters, Mo.

A brief survey of the video media and its many uses,

specifically how it can be used in how-to programs by

putting your print and slide programs on video for ease of

presentation. Discussion of the simple technique for each

with explanation of editing and video taping technique for

better program production follows. #4 “Video–Video–Video”

Gerald Turk, FPSA, Florissant, Mo.

Introduction to video, video formats and what they do.

How to buy the right equipment, what are the first accessories

to get and tips to improve your work.

Non-Divisional Programs

#1 “All Day Teaching Seminar”

Dewitt Jones, Outdoor Photographer magazine contributor.

Presents a six-one-half hour presentation of the techniques

of photography. #2 “Living & Working in Space”

Richard Underwood, NASA, Houston, Texas

Thirty years of space flight recorded on film including

going to, living, and working on the moon. #3 “PSA Chapters 1993 Showcase”

Herman Keller, FPSA, Rosemead, Calif.

The premiere showing of the Annual PSA Chapters

Color Slide Salon made up of slides submitted by each

participating Chapter to a previous competition. Hosted

by the Southern California Roundup Chapter. #4 “Black Light Workshop”

Jean M. Burke, Framingham, Mass.

Set-ups with different materials such as glassware,

beads, clear tubing, and florescent paint in oil will be

available for you to work with. Bring daylight film, tripod,

macro or a 90-135 telephoto lens, to get great shots in this

three hour hands on set-up. #5 “Visual Journeys”

John Baker, Travel Images, Donnelly, Idaho

A two projector dissolve showcase, with the emphasis

on the art of the dissolve with a majority of the short in

dividual programs. Scheduled titles are “Still Life on the

Run,” “Every Which Way,” “A Scottish Air,” “Ireland,”

and “Canadian Mountain Visions.” A potpourri of photography

with a little comedy thrown in. #6 “Alaska, The Last Frontier”

Carole L. Hagaman, APSA, Blackstone, Va.

A cruise along the Inside Passage from Ketchican to

Sitka. Glaciers, wildlife, Eskimo art work, with aerial

views and aircraft providing unusual perspectives, give

insight to this Alaskan showcase. #7 “Turkish Treasure”

Donald Lyon, “Close-Up Expeditions,” Oakland, Calif.

Western Turkey is the 1994 PSA Travel Adventure

destination. Join us for this stunning preview from Don’s

last two trips. Istanbul’s bazaars, fishing villages, Greek

ruins, Crusasder castles, Turquoise Coast and the cave

homes of Cappadocia are all part of this colorful show

designed to show you what PSA Travel Adventures are all

about. #8 “Reminiscences”

Michael Videtta, FPSA, Lynn, Mass.

A medley of the subject matter Mike has enjoyed photographing

through the years. A spectacular variety showcase

with musical accompaniment; there are segments on

nature, travel, peoples of the world, abstracts, New England,

a rodeo and of course, his favorite subject: Cats.

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