SMP re-records classic for Mercedes

SMP re-records classic for Mercedes – Audio

Marc Loftus

NEW YORK — Sound Music Productions ( was recently called on by agency Merkley Newman to create a memorable track for use in a Mercedes-Benz spot promoting the luxury automaker’s “Summer Event” sale. The commercial has a relaxed, yet hip and warm feel to it, and features an assortment of affluent individuals enjoying their summer.

The spot incorporates footage of a woman lounging by the poolside, a man relaxing in a hammock and a couple strolling on the beach. Each has a simple string tied around his or her finger, a whimsical way of reminding them of the Mercedes promotion, which the male voiceover describes as, “An event worth remembering.”

The track is a remake of “World on a String,” and features the subtly-bouncing bossa nova rhythm of an acoustic guitar with gently-placed triangle hits, all wrapping around the sparse, smooth female vocals.

“The agency was looking for an easily-memorable theme for the Mercedes ‘Summer Event,'” explains Merkley Newman producer Alex Kobak. The “tying a string around your finger” theme came after some brainstorming.

“When we came up with the song, ‘World on a String,’ we thought it was the perfect embodiment of the concept for this campaign,” says Kobak. “The lyrics reinforced our message, and the song itself has a warm nostalgia to it. What we were looking to do with the rescoring was keep that nostalgic feeling while updating the song to a modern piece so that it felt hip and contemporary at the same time as not losing the vibe of the original song. Sound Music Productions worked with our tight deadline to produce a great piece of music.”

The spot was edited by Katz at CosmoStreet.

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