One Six Eight designs John Walsh Show package – Post News

One Six Eight designs John Walsh Show package – Post News – Brief Article

SAN FRANCISCO — One Six Eight Design Group helped develop the on-air look for NBC Enterprises’ The John Walsh Show. Walsh, who’s spent the past 14 years helping to alert Americans to wanted criminals on America’s Most Wanted, is now hosting a talk show offering tips on personal safety and advice on getting involved in your local community.

One Six Eight art director Anne Maroon and executive producer Jan Phillips wanted to convey Walsh’s personality, as well as his talent for communicating with adults and children. Their designs reflected Walsh’s interactive approach, juxtaposing shots of Walsh on the set, in remote helicopter locations, and interacting with people on the street It also includes dramatic tight shots of Walsh’s hands: writing, greeting people and emphasizing points.

To accommodate the diverse imagery Maroon developed designs that would facilitate multiple layering and cross-dissolves. Within the context of warm orange and yellow hues and a shifting white letterbox, each wide shot was paired with a tight close-ups of Walsh’s hands.

The hands sequences were shot on film by DP Patrick Loungway of San Francisco’s Camp Pokomoke Films. In transferring the footage, colorist Bob Campbell at Varitel Video engaged sensitive duotones and rich alternate color passes.

Avid editor Blake Facente worked closely with the One Six Eight design team to help determine shot selection and rough layering. Upon approval, One Six Eight’s After Effects animator, Jeff Jankens, performed compositing. Working to a music track by Peter Meisner of Via World Wide, he also developed and animated additional type layers, extensive color tweaks and other deliverables, such as backgrounds and bumpers.

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