LightWave 3D V.8 – Products

LightWave 3D V.8 – Products

SAN ANTONIO– NewTek ( previewed V.8 of its LightWave 3D application at SIGGRAPH recently. V.8 includes enhancements in dynamics, character animation, modeling and animation workflow, and texturing tools. It’s due to ship later this year.

LightWave V.8 combines a photoreal renderer with powerful modeling and animation tools. The new version adds hard body dynamics to its suite of physical simulations tools, as well as improvements to cloth and other soft body dynamics. The character animation system is improved with a more powerful control system and the addition of dynamics for character skeletons. Bone Dynamics eliminates the need for keyframing.

LightWave V.8 also includes new particle system tools, animatable UV coordinates and improvements to Lscript scripting language and the API. Suggested retail price is $1,595.


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