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LONDON — For realtime 2K film grading and multiformat mastering, Nucoda ( is offering its resolution-independent film finishing solution, the Film Master, which comes from the ashes of Sony Socrato technology.

The Film Master, the second in a series of products based on Nucoda’s Postcode technology, enables users to grade and perform multiformat mastering directly from 2K, 10-bit log files. V.1 incorporates a powerful realtime feature set for all aspects of the digital intermediate process. Users can conform from EDL or AAF, perform many primary and secondary color grading functions as well as remove defects and make any last minute edits.

This initial release of Film Master incorporates the Nucoda Colour Management API, which gives users direct access to third-party color management systems from within the realtime viewing pipeline. Other key features include multitrack editing and trimming, versioning of effects and media, realtime pan and scan setup and preview, multi-resolution output.

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