Fearless not afraid of sound design – Audio

Fearless not afraid of sound design – Audio – Brief Article

Marc Loftus

NEW YORK — Jamie Lamm, principal/composer for six-year-old Fearless Music, says he takes a musical approach to spot work but that doesn’t mean he shuns sound design. Many of the commercial clients that come to his Manhattan audio studio for original music often stay in-house for sound design as well.

Fearless offers three Digidesign Pro Tools suites, two of which are writing rooms, the other featuring a control room, booth and client area Lamm says that by combining his writing talents with sound libraries, Foley effects and third-party plug-ins, he’s able to create complete soundtracks.

“Music can tell the story almost entirely,” he says about creating a spot’s soundtrack Lamm has recently worked on a project for Pontiac, promoting its new Vibe automobile, as well as one for Gatorade. He notes that he’s careful to leave room for hard effects, writing tracks that don’t necessarily fill up the entire sound spectrum.

For a recent TD Waterhouse commercial, featuring action hero Jackie Chan, Lamm wrote an original track which he then combined with effects that match Chan’s on-screen fight sequences. Lamm says he used effects from the Sound Ideas, Hollywood Edge and Universal libraries, and also recorded his own Foley using Neumann U87 and SM269 mics.

In related news, Fearless Music just opened a West Coast studio in Los Angeles, which is headed by Bob Kulick Billy Sherwood is a composer/producer at the new location.

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