Alliance offers composers a way to cut costs

Alliance offers composers a way to cut costs – Post News

Marc Loftus

New York — The Manhattan Producers Alliance (212-465-8540) has set up shop in Midtown giving accomplished composers the opportunity to minimize personal overhead cost and still take advantage of dedicated space designed specifically for custom recording.

Manic Moose Music’s Joe Carroll, who co-founded the Alliance with Joy Productions’ Kevin Joy and Noize Factory’s Wade Tonkin, had been evaluating the need for dedicated space now that much of a composer’s gear is software based and can reside on a hard drive in a home studio. While West Coast composers often get space within a production facility when hired for a project, East Coast composers, says Carroll, still sometimes need larger space than a home studio can provide.

Thanks to the Alliance, composers can work out of dedicated recording space on an as-needed basis, eliminating the costs of their own dedicated commercial space. They can work at home during non-supervised sessions, and take advantage of the larger space when bigger projects demand it. As a member, monthly fees go toward maintaining the space and its equipment.

The recording space is located at the old Manic Moose Music space but has undergone a significant renovation and now includes Joy Productions. “It’s a collective of TV and film composers and producers employing a system of Webcams, networking equipment and FTP sites” says Joy of the Alliance. “We share the resources of our facility both on-site and remotely with 24/7 remote access, Merging audio and video technologies have made it possible for us to use the studios as a base station for our individual businesses, from wherever we may be.”

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