Survival Of The Slickest

Survival Of The Slickest

Paul T. Vogel

Survival Of The Slickest

Gene Louis

Citizen Control Publications

957 Rt. 33, #196, Hamilton, NJ 08690

0977399400, $22.95

American lawyers operate the same way prostitutes and gunslingers worked in the Old West–their services are bought for money regardless of any other consideration concerning their clients. And when business is slow, they go out and do their best to drum some up regardless of concerns for the common welfare of the communities in which they reside. Their national trade group called The American Association Of Trial Lawyers fell into such national disrepute that it had to change its name to The American Association For Justice because the term ‘lawyer’ had become so denigrated in the eyes and minds of most Americans. Out of his frustrations upon encountering the legal system in 1999, Gene Louis determined to showcase what is wrong with the American legal profession and has published “Survival of The Slickest: Everyone’s Risk Of Being Terrorized By Lawyers”. Only if enough of us come to understand what happens behind closed doors in law practices and courtrooms can we do something to reform the practice of law in this country and establish a legal system that produces genuine justice and not just a quagmire of political games that makes ‘justice’ a prize to who ever can afford the best legal manipulation of the laws and the court system. We live in a time where fairness and justice and held captive to corruption and injustice, where lawyers first loyalty is to their paying clients and not to the protection of the community. Simply stated, “Survival Of The Slickest” deserves as wide a readership as possible and should be on the shelves of every community library and a part of ever law school collection in the country.

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