Japanese Erotic Fantasies

Diane C. Donovan

Japanese Erotic Fantasies

Chris Uhlenbeck, Ellis Tinios, Cecilia Segawa Seigle

Hotei Publishing

CCRI Numbero 1964, 1000 VC Amsterdam, Pays-Bas/Netherlands

9074822665 $95.00 www.hotei-publishing.com

Plenty of books have been written on Japanese woodblock prints of the Edo period–but usually erotic imagery receives short rift, so it’s refreshing to see a presentation focusing exclusively on such art. JAPANESE EROTIC FANTASIES: SEXUAL IMAGERY OF THE EDO PERIOD also goes beyond presenting woodblocks and prints: chapters analyze intention, representation, and significant achievements in the Japanese art world. The authors are a Japanese print dealer with a specialty bookstore, an honorary lecturer, and a professor: they bring a scholarly analysis to a book packed with gorgeous color reproductions.

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COPYRIGHT 2005 Gale Group

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