A Date with the Other Side

A Date with the Other Side

Erin McCarthy


ISBN: 0425202674 $5.99

In Cuttersville, Ohio, Shelby Tucker leads a Haunted House tour when they wake up Boston Macnamara in the White House. Shelby’s grandmother Jessie failed to tell her that she rented the haunted house to the naked hunk. Jessie informs Boston that the lease he signed allows the owner to enter at anytime. Already turning purple in exasperation, he turns green when he sees a big man with Shelby. During the next tour, Shelby and Boston become locked inside the parlor unable to open the door or any windows. Jessie figures the ghosts are on her side in matchmaking Shelby and Boston. Her ex husband Danny Tucker breaks an outside window to rescue Shelby. On a subsequent tour, the ghosts lock Shelby and Boston inside his bedroom. They kiss and begin to make love until the door suddenly opens. Shelby stops the kissing and caressing, and leaves. Word travels that ghosts are on the tour. Crowds arrive expecting to see them. Shelby asks Boston to be around for her tours because he is the catalyst. He agrees as he and Shelby are in love; Danny tells her that when “Big City” leaves her, he will be there for her, but nice Danny is no longer enough. The interesting support cast especially the ghosts enhance the relationship between the strong lead couple so that the audience receive a wonderful paranormal romance. The story line is fun to follow as the ghosts and Jessie play matchmaker however, no explanation is provided for why the ghosts frequent Cuttersville. Still fans will appreciate this otherworldly romance and want a sequel starring Danny who is too nice not to have a woman love him.

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