Virginity around the world – Brief Article

Virginity around the world – Brief Article – Statistical Data Included


In INDIA, young men of 17 or so lose their virginity to older female relatives: aunts, cousins, or elder brothers’ wives. Similarly, in ROMANIA, young men s mothers often arrange for their sons’ first sexual experience with an older female neighbor.

A lot of JAPANESE men lose their virginity In “soaplands,” where a prostitute first lathers them up with soap–and then lathers them up without it.

In ISLAMIC cultures, a groom deflowers his bride in a private room during the wedding ceremony. He then presents to their guests the bloody sheet that proves his wife’s virginity.

Of all the Asian countries, the considers, It most important to marry a virgin: 7B percent important (as opposed of women).


A growing number of older women In UGANDA are earning decent money teaching younger women how to be–and feel–good In bed. In a country where female genital mutilation is still practiced in some places to prevent women from experiencing pleasure during sex, young girls are being taught how to massage their own bodies so they’ll know what to ask for during lovemaking.

In NEPAL, sex education is left to the discretion of schools’ biology teachers. Sexologist Dr. Rajendra Bhadra says many teachers just skip it–or wait for a women’s holiday (when girls don’t attend school) to teach it. “I know women doing post-graduate studies who still have no idea that they have something called a clitoris,” says Dr. Bhadra. Meanwhile, in the NETHERLANDS, sex education in public schools begins as early as age 1. By about age 12, kids are learning how to put a. condom on a dildo.

Who are the biggest prudes?

(average age of first sexual intercourse)

1 China(21.9)

2 Taiwan (21.4)

3 India (20.8)

Who just can’t wait?

1 U.S. (16.4)

2 Brazil (16.5)

3 France (16.8)

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