Yellow Butterfly – Poem

Yellow Butterfly – Poem

Ulalume Gonzalez De Leon

Yellow Butterfly

Translated from the Spanish by Sara Nelson

Life make noise within the morning

but within the noise there is a space of silence

and within the silence there is a man

writing gray story

The window is open

but he

writes separated from the morning

separated from something living that now insists

as if from the other side of a windowpane

something living and disobedient

leaning over the page from nowhere

inspecting the path of ink

where words say no

It is close

but hidden

like the light within light

like the life within life

but does not choose to be

It lingers

in detached movement

in acute possibility

in a yellow that trembles

It attempts a frail compromise

between deception and substance:


But in a corner of the air

with sudden aplomb

It gathers into a flash

against darkness of leaves

Ulalume Gonzalez de Leon was born in Uruguay in 1932. She has lived most of her life in Mexico City, where she served on the advisory board of Vuelta, the literary magazine founded by her friend and champion, the late Octavio Paz.

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