Two cities – poem

Two cities – poem – Web Chapbook Issue:

Reetika Vazirani

That 4 a.m. I lay

back on the living

room couch, seeing as it was

still night. At 5 a.m.

Elle’s light in Unit B

upstairs came on, and she

sailed down the wooden steps

and drove off to bake bread

until two. Then I thought

of you doing to me

those things you described on

the phone. I in utter

surprise kept asking, Would

you really? Yes, you would.

But you had not phoned me

this morning, though it flew

anyway: I heard you

patiently interrogate.

At first I didn’t know

what to do.

Six years later this

was better for all

the time taken out, gone

were the unimportant

miles between our cities,

even better than on

the phone or in person,

though it was without doubt

only you in your absence.

Then the sun rose, wiping

away this entanglement,

as I shake creases out

of the sheets and fold them

like a note I will send

to tell you how things are

going, pretty much the

same and good on this end.

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