Rose Constructions

Rose Constructions – Poem

Emma Lew

Rose Constructions

Sometimes my teacher

changes her conduct strangely,

pressing her heart

like dead leaves.

She sleeps in the chapel,

which is haunted.

Already the shadows

write in her diary.

She burns the letters

silently, reverently.

Like a bride,

she pushes away her plate.

She reads to me

like a will-o-the-wisp,

and I ask her

if there are bitter drops

in everyone’s cup.

She says, “I respond

to the ploughing

of the fields,

whereas a man

grows fainter by a love.”

All the things

we talk about

I sew into the seams.

She opens the window

and lets in the dark flowers.

Emma Lew’s first collection of poems, The Wild Reply, was co-winner of The Age Poetry Book of the Year Award and short-listed for the New South Wales Premier’s Prize. A second collection is due to be published in 2002. She lives in Melbourne.

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