His Philosophy – Poem

His Philosophy – Poem

Cassie Lewis

He was born. The plants came up like soft talk, in his mind he baled hay. At night he slept on pillows of couplets, feathers of wild birds. Adulthood: immense shock and gasping for air, slapping through massive surface tension–breath he had had no prior need for. Sometimes anger. He builds castles of maths now as I scream be still, and they’re washed away like sandcastles. All leads to a long yard, metaphors for change like this. From his brittle room he watches tides roar on.

Cassie Lewis is an Australian poet who moved to the US in 2000. Her first book is High Country and a second, Winter District, will soon be published by Potes & Poets. Her poems have appeared in many journals, including Jacket, Meanjin, P.N. Review, How2, Southerly, Shampoo, and Mirage Period(ical).

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