Going Dim

Going Dim – Poem

Menna Elfyn

Sometimes the belief comes that we all go dim

to the world when older. Slow down cautiously

until we see it’s morning haze that’s lost

seeking a place to rest within our lineage.

Another time, I say it’s mountain mist,

that clears off when the sun arrives on time,

or city smog, blurring everything outstanding,

baffling the eyes and making feet unsteady.

But after all, I believe that we see better

later on in life, through lucid glasses,

when I perceive in us a gift to see far off

a sight unnoticed in our youthful days:

since seeing one another is the piercing light

that makes our sight transparify, a laser beam.

Translated by Joseph P. Clancy

COPYRIGHT 2001 Fairleigh Dickinson University

COPYRIGHT 2001 Gale Group