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Two outstanding new guides are highly recommended picks. If you regularly surf the image section of the web you’ll undoubtedly notice many original creations stemming from the use of the Poser 6 program. Conversely, there are relatively few handbooks on Poser on the market. Kelly L. Murdock remedies this problem with his Poster 5 Revealed: The Official Guide (1592005233, $24.95): owners of the Poser 6 program receive a basic guide to both artistic and technical concepts, covering basic introduction through intermediate skills and presenting example projects for posing figures, creating hair styles, and more. Murdock’s background in computer graphics and engineering lends to a series of lessons which provides plenty of examples and hands-on applications, with black and white images and screen shots throughout. Dan Irish’s The Game Producer’s Handbook (1592006175, $39.99) comes from the producer of Myst III: Exile and is intended to answer the query “what does it take to be a successful video game producer?” Irish’s background with success allows him to cover the pitfalls and common mistakes of game programmers, telling how to acquire effective production habits, how to translate vision to a workable presentation, and how to test for game quality.

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