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Three exciting new reads are outstanding and highly recommended picks. Clive Woodall’s One For Sorrow, Two For Joy (0441012655, $19.95) will appeal to fans of Watership Down and any animal-character plot: the bird kingdom is brought to life as an owl and a lone robin struggle against the terrible magpies and crows who are determined to slaughter smaller birds to extinction. An excellent, fast-paced story of feathered battles ensues. Alastair Reynolds’ Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days (0441012388, $22.95) returns to the setting of his prior Revelation Space to explore collective consciousness and a remote planet home to a brutal machine-like culture. These are two novellas set in Reynolds’ universe and each provides a very different plot and facet of Revelation Space worlds. Robert Metzger’s Cusp (0441012418, $24.95) is set in 2031, when a solar flare shifts the sun’s position while two immense walls encircle the Earth like rings. The predicted toppling of political powers and geographic chaos brings a new world order: Cusp is set decades later and provides a fine political power struggle of the future.

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