Various Artists: Buena Vista: The Next Generation

Various Artists: Buena Vista: The Next Generation

Rudy Mangual


Following in the steps of the Buena Vista Social Club mania that in 1997 launched a worldwide revival of traditional Cuban music by an all-star cast of veteran septuagenarian and octogenarian players, we have Buena Vista: The Next Generation. This new all-star cast of players is comprised mostly of the children and grandchildren of some of the greatest Cuban music legends, under the musical direction of trombonist Juan Pablo Torres. Adding a fresh breath of flavor and sound to the traditional sounds of Cuban music in this recording are Rubén González Jr. on piano (son of Ruben González), vocalist Manuel Licea (son of singer Puntillita), bassist Lazaro López “Cachao” (nephew of Cachaito), vocalist Maria Ochoa (sister of Eliades Ochoa), vocalist Miguelito Cuní Jr. (son of the famous singer of the same name), percussionist Johannes Bonat García (son of vocalist Teresita García), vocalist Conchita Torres (sister of Barbarito Torres), trumpeter Elpidio Chappottín (son of Félix Chappottín), and Alejandro, Ernesto and Leonardo Repilado (the grandsons of Francisco Repilado, alias Compay Segundo). Special guest musicians include Generoso Jiménez, Tata Güines, Changuito, Julio Padrón, Raúl Plana, Pio Leiva, Lazaro Reyes, and Pancho Amat. Highlights include the tracks Los Herederos (which features the veteran vocalists on the lead and their siblings on chorus), Pa’ Los Rumberos (featuring Conchita Torres on vocals), and the Compay Segundo classic Chan Chan (in a version interpreted by the grandsons of the composer). The CD is packed with plenty of rumbas, sones and other traditional Cuban rhythms. (RM)

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