RPO Part Drums: Zukabar presents: Tribal Works – George V

RPO Part Drums: Zukabar presents: Tribal Works – George V – Reseña

Gilbert Rivera

Popular in dance clubs worldwide and especially in the “rave” scene, tribal electronic music is one of the most powerful tools of today’s DJs. This production from Rick Pier 0’Neil of RPO Traxx Studios features some of the latest electronic drum samplers, machines and equipment that generate the percussive sounds of this thumping genre. Mixed by DJ Carlos Campos, Tribal Works delivers ethnic thumping rhythms from all corners of the planet. The sounds and beats produced by the different percussion drums and instruments ate the new palette of colors being utilized by the musicians and DJs of the new generation of the “house” dance movement. From all this fusion of electronic musical sounds, the tribal house sound is born. Most of today’s modern dance music is saturated with the provocative and expressive rhythms whose roots stem from Africa, Latin America and Oceania. Tribal Works showcases 15 such tracks that exude pure tribal ecstasy. This disc transforms your CD player into an instant party.

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