Watch This Screen Spaceman – Kavan Smith – Brief Article

Watch This Screen Spaceman – Kavan Smith – Brief Article – Interview

Jamie Painter

It wasn’t a colossal stretch for Kavan Smith to play an astronaut alongside Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, and Don Cheadle in Brian De Palma’s new space odyssey, Mission to Mars, or so the Canadian actor says. “My character is a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants, hair-on-fire kind of guy,” explains the twenty-nine-year-old, who, like his dad, brother, and an uncle, spends much of his free time behind the wheel of a race car.

Even with his daredevil spirit, Smith admits that fear often plays a part in his endeavors. As he says of De Palma and the Mission to Mars stars, “When your director is as big a celebrity as some of the lead actors, it’s a whole new level. It can be quite intimidating. You have to have confidence to be an actor, but sometimes when you’re working with guys like this, you think, Holy shit. I can’t believe I’m here.”

Smith didn’t speed his way into such company. He’s worked away for nearly ten years, doing small roles here and there (in the movie Fearless, and on TV’s Titanic, Dead Man’s Gun, and The Outer Limits) and taking odd jobs (like selling encyclopedias door to door) to pay the bills. Now it seems he’s about to accelerate.

“I want to work at something that gives me a thrill every day and acting provides that,” he says. “Quite honestly, I’m too ignorant to realize that there’s any sort of stop sign in front of me. I’ve just got my head down and I keep plodding forward. I have no designs of ever stopping, regardless. If I can’t make money at it, I’ll do theater. I’ll find some way to keep doing it.”

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