Dear Interview,

I was delighted to read your article on Kate Bosworth in the July issue of Interview, I first saw her in The Horse Whisperer [1998], and though her role was very small I felt even then that she had something very special. That feeling was reaffirmed after seeing her in Remember the Titans [2000]. As your cover so succinctly put it, “Kowabunga!” I am looking forward to seeing Blue Crush.


Dear Interview,

Anyone who has trouble believing that brains and beauty really do sometimes walk hand-in-hand need only turn to page 66 of your July issue for irrefutable proof.., in the form of newcomer Kate Bosworth. I have to confess I have not seen any of her previous films (The Horse Whisperer wasn’t really my thing), but you can be sure I’ll be first in line to see Blue Crush. Hawaii, killer waves and Kate Bosworth are a combination I can’t refuse. Until then I’ll just be sitting at home nursing my own blue crush.


Dear Interview,

“10 Great Surf Songs” [July 2002] and none by Dick Dale?! Greil Marcus needs to go back to the beach.

STERNO Evanston, IL


Dear Interview,

Based on your recent interview with Samantha Morton [July 20021, and on the considerable talent she’s exhibited in her various films, I would suggest that it’s only a matter of time until those “romantic leading roles” she mentions come her way. Morton clearly has what it takes to play the love interest, whether you label her looks “interesting,” “beautiful” or somewhere in between.

D. EVERETT Philadelphia, PA

Dear Interview,

As someone who loves popcorn movies as much as artier, more independent projects, I was happy to hear Samantha Morton give props to Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg. It’s a little too easy to complain about Cruise and others like him because of their star status and their omnipresence in the media, and about Spielberg because his films have the power to dominate every Cineplex across America (like that somehow makes them silly or creatively less significant), but the truth is neither man would be where he is without incredible taste, courage and a deep understanding of what defines “art.” With her art-house status Morton stands as good a chance as anyone to teach those movie snobs among us a thing or two–well done.


Dear Interview,

Funny, but in my world the chance to make a blockbuster movie with the likes of Steven Spielberg is cause for celebration, not despair. So why the mopey pictures of Minority Report star Samantha Morton? Instead of making her career, she looks like she just lost it.

NAME WITHHELD Via the Internet


Dear Interview,

I couldn’t have been more delighted with Elvis Mitchell’s interview with those bickering siblings known as Jack and Kelly Osbourne, nor with Albert Watson’s fantastic portraits of the pair [June 2002]. It seems to me that for a magazine such as yours, devoted to covering whatever’s exploding in the culture, you’ve hit the nail on the head with these two. Only time will tell if Jack and Kelly have staying power, or if the show they’re riding to fame and fortune lives beyond a second season, but for now they couldn’t be more “moment-defining.”

R. COOKE Via the Internet


Dear Interview,

I’ve been meaning to write for some time now to say how much I’ve been enjoying your regular interviews with commentator and cultural critic Camille Paglia. Is there anything this woman doesn’t have an opinion about? If I didn’t find her views so right-on-the-money, and her willingness to sound off on things the rest of the intelligentsia won’t go near so refreshing, she might get under my skin. But the reality is that when she’s not making me howl with laughter, I’m in total awe of the breadth of her knowledge and the insightfulness of her views. More please.

KEN SIMONE Cambridge, MA


Dear Interview,

Only Eric McCormack could quote Britney Spears in an interview and get away with it! Truthfully, your pairing of him and Jennifer Love Hewitt [June 2002] was nothing short of inspired. For anyone who thought the source of McCormack’s humor on Will & Grace was an army of behind-the-scene writers with rapier wit, here’s evidence that the comedian is his own best scribe–not only were his questions smart and revealing, but he delivers those trademark one-liners with signature charm and flawless timing. Jennifer Love Hewitt should send this guy a dozen roses.

J. SPINOZA Los Angeles, CA

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