Foxy Brown. – Review

Foxy Brown. – Review – sound recording review

Dimitri Ehrlich

Broken Silence (Def Jam)

When Foxy Brown emerged in ’95, she heralded a new female rap persona, but that in-your-face sexuality is now old hat. On her third album, Foxy raps like a woman who knows it’s hooks, not hookers, that sell records. From the spaced-out reggae of “Oh Yeah” to the hammering first single, “BK Anthem,” this is one of those rare rap albums you can sing along to.


“The fact that Macy Gray manages her was what initially piqued my interest,” says Dimitri Ehrlich, Interview’s Music Editor at Large, of new soul sensation Sunshine Anderson. “Since then, everyone from Missy Elliott to Elton John has identified her as the singer to watch this summer.” Ehrlich, who also profiled Shea Seger, another rising music star, for this issue [page 32], moonlights as a writer for the nationally syndicated entertainment TV show The Source: All Access.

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