Caroline Ribeiro – fashion model

Caroline Ribeiro – fashion model – Interview

Anita Sarko

Less than one year after Brazilian beauty Caroline Ribeiro moved to New York, she has stormed the fashion shows, landed a Gucci campaign, and graced the cover of Italian Vogue. The twenty-year-old new face on the block got off a plane long enough to chat with Interview.

ANITA SARKO: Let’s start from the beginning. You were born in–

CAROLINE .RIBEIRO In Belem–it’s in the north of Brazil, in the Amazon region. I went to Sao Paulo in ’95. And then I started with the [Marilyn] agency. And then last year in April I came here. I did sixteen spring shows here.

AS: Sixteen? Wow.

CR: Then I went to Milan. I got an exclusive with Gucci. We did the Gucci campaign. And that was it.

As: Was there anything that surprised you, that you weren’t prepared for or that you didn’t expect when you came here?

CR: I didn’t expect for the first season [to be so good]–because I had polaroids in my book, that’s all I had. The thing was so new and I was in shock.

AS: What makes you different from another model? Why do you think somebody would choose you?

CR: I think the face is different, it’s exotic–not like normal beauty. It’s not perfect beauty.

AS: Darling, I’m looking at your face. What’s imperfect about it?

CR: It’s different and exotic. The eyes.

AS: Yeah, your eyes are almost Oriental.

CR: It’s a mix of Indian and Portuguese.

AS: Which do you like doing better: print or runway?

CR: Runway is more exciting, because it’s live.

AS: Is your family all excited about you?

CR: They are. But my mom is so funny. I told her about the Italian Vogue cover. She said, “It would be nice if it were the Brazilian one.”

AS: Because her friends aren’t going to be buying Italian Vogue. She wants her friends to walk by and see your face up there.

CR: That’s what she wants.

AS: So tell me, who’s going to be your Valentine?

CR: Actually, my boyfriend.

AS: What’s his name?

CR: Paolo.

AS: And what does Paolo do?

CR: He’s a model, too.

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