Smart Soapmaking

Smart Soapmaking

Smart Soapmaking

Anne L. Watson

Shepard Publications

1102 Olympia Avenue NE, #18, Olympia, WA 98506

0938497421 $15.00

“Smart Soapmaking” is a simple, ‘user friendly’, step-by-step, quick, safe and reliable instructional guide to making handmade soap the traditional way. After debunking myths about soap and soapmaking, Anne Watson goes on to explain just what soap is and what it consists of, the equipment needed to make it at home, and a methodical process for making soap from preparation to clean-up. Of special note are the variations on basic soap recipes that include two ‘all-veggie grocery store soap recipes; a grocery store shortening soap; a non-veggie grocer store soap; an olive palm soap; Aaron’s Hazelnut Soap; an almond facial soap, and Anne’s Longer-Lasting Soap. “Smart Soapmaking” goes on to show how to design a soap, shaping a bar of soap, and packaging soap. Of special note is the section answering frequently asked questions. In addition to a resource list and an index, author and expert soap maker Anne Watson also offers ‘A Few Final Thoughts’. An ideal manual that is as fun as it is informative, “Smart Soapmaking” is a must for anyone who would like to try their hand at this traditional craft!

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