Psychology Of Human Behavior

Psychology Of Human Behavior

Psychology Of Human Behavior

David W. Martin

The Teaching Company

4151 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 100, Chantilly, VA 20151-1232

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In addition to the DVD format, Psychology Of Human Behavior is a university level course of instruction available in four other formats: Videotape ($79.95), Audio CD ($69.95), Audio Cassette ($49.95), and accompanying transcript books ($35.00) with any of the course formats. Professor David W. Martin (North Carolina State University) begins this 36 lecture series (30 minutes per lecture) with an introduction to modern psychology within an historical context, then goes on to survey experimental research methods, nonexperimental research methods, trace the evolutionary theory with respect to modern psychology, descriptive present the contributions of Sigmund Freud, psychoanalytic theory, the classifications of mental illness, anxiety and mood disorders, schizophrenia, personality disorders, therapies, psychoactive drugs, social psychology, learning, memory, perception, and so much more. While all the formats are technically flawless presentations of Professor Martin’s informed and informative lectures, the DVD edition is enhanced with more than 126 images including portraits, photographs, charts, illustrations, graphs, and a substantial amount of on-screen text to emphasis and illustrate his presentation. Ideal for high school Honors program , homeschooling , and adult education curriculums, Psychology Of Human Behavior is a strongly recommended addition to academic and community library collections.

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