Legitimate Dangers

Legitimate Dangers

Legitimate Dangers

Michael Dumanis & Cate Marvin, eds.

Sarabande Books

2234 Dundee Road, Louisville, KY 40205


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Legitimate Dangers: American Poets Of The New Century is an anthology of innovative, and exciting poetry. All the poets whose works were selected were born after 1960, did not publish their first book before 1995, and have no more than three books published. Though diverse in individual background and the manner in which they approach the craft of poetry, each has a unique voice and tone contributing to a singularly memorable and original omnibus. A black-and-white photograph of each poet precedes the selection of his or her works. Enthusiastically recommended for poetry lovers in search of fresh inspiration. Ars Poetica (the idea): would it wake the drowned out of their anviled sleep- / would it slip the sun like a coin behind their eyes- // The idea, the teacher said, was that there was a chaos / left in matter–a little bit of not-yet in everything that was- // so the poets became interested in fragments, interruptions- / the little bit of saying lit by the unsaid- // was it a way to stay alive, a way to keep hope, / leaving things unfinished? // as if in complete a sentence there was death-

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