Family Disaster Preparedness

Family Disaster Preparedness

Family Disaster Preparedness

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Family Disaster Preparedness & Terrorism Awareness: Keeping Your Family Safe, Learn How To Survive The Worst Disasters is an expertly produced, 2-disc DVD and CD-ROM kit designed to deftly guide families and households through the steps necessary to prepare for a sudden disaster. Family Disaster Preparedness covers how to create a Family Disaster Supplies Kit, a Family Communication Plan, prepare and practice safe evacuation routes, learn when and how to “shelter-in-place”, how to save pets, and become aware of potential terrorist threats. Family Disaster Preparedness contains a wealth of sound advice for disasters in general, not just potential terrorist attacks, and includes over 1,000 pages of printable guides, checklists, and information packets as well as in-depth information previously intended only for police, fire, and other emergency responders. A “must-have” guide to family survival during events when the usual social services may be overwhelmed or disabled. 27 minutes, color.

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