Flowers In Watercolor. . – Reviews

Flowers In Watercolor. . – Reviews – video recording review

Barbara Herberholz

FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOR. Video/ 58 min./$39.95. Level: Adult. Crystal Productions, P.O. Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025, (800) 255-8629.

In this video, artist Charles Reid demonstrates the watercolor-painting process, from pencil drawing to the interplay of color, providing his skilled commentary throughout the process. He begins by arranging a still life with backlighting and completes a contour drawing of the subject. By seeing “shapes” instead of “objects,” Reid’s drawing technique yields surprises–it’s as if the painting “paints itself.” Further, he believes it is important to accept some accidents so the resulting art is not too “slick.”

Reid’s approach to painting involves delivering the paint to the canvas, moving it as little as possible and allowing colors to stay separate. This technique serves his goal of creating a “painting that breathes.” Viewers learn that Reid paints in sections and favors value and color over shading and shapes. We also learn how his brushwork and color placement make some objects come forward and others retreat into the background. He concludes the presentation with a discussion of how to know when to quit painting.-B.H. For information about this program, circle No. 397 on the Reader Service Card.

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